• Aug 3, 1967
    A group of believers met at Jake Neudorf's home including Rev. Corny Harder. Shortly after, Jake started to lead Bible Studies.

  • Fall of 1967
    The Bagot United Church was rented. On November 15, the first planning meeting was held.

  • Dec 11, 1968
    The six acre Elsmith School site was purchased for $605. The school house was renovated into a chapel

  • Jun 17, 1969
    Ladies Aid was started with 11 members

  • Sept 21, 1969
    First Baptism service and became a charter member of the EMMC

  • Nov 2, 1969
    First service held in the Bagot Community Chapel (Thanksgiving Service)

  • Aug 19, 1970
    Isaac Driedger was elected as minister; Jake Neudorf as deacon. Installation service was held on Feb 6, 1972

  • Aug 12, 1973
    Ordination of Jack and Ruth Heppner. Soon after they left for Bolivia

  • Jul 1, 1975
    Dave and Deanna Dyck were called to take on the Pastoral Ministry. Ordination service was held Nov 30

  • Sept 1, 1977
    Darrel Toews was called to serve as Youth Pastor for 1 year

  • Oct 15, 1980
    New motion "Start building new Church". Goal was to have $50,000 by April 1, 1982

  • June 22, 1981
    Ground breaking service. Construction started shortly after.

  • Jul 12, 1981
    Harv and Karen Wiebe were called to serve for a year in the Pastor- Trainee program

  • Dec 22, 1982
    First service in the new Chapel. Young People's Christmas program

  • Spring 1983
    Old Chapel torn down

  • Sept 25, 1983
    Church dedication service

  • Jan 1, 1987
    Harry and Wanda Unger were called to take on Pastoral Ministry. Ordination service was held June 10, 90

  • Aug 1, 1992
    Dale and Sheryl Doerksen were called to take on Pastoral Ministry

  • 1999
    Art and Jen Schroeder began working with Portage YFC

  • Jul 15, 2004
    Harley and Rhonda Porter were called to serve as Pastor Couple. Covenant service was held Sept. 19. Rhonda was hired as Pastor Assistant in Jan 2006

  • Jan 2007
    Bagot Youth and MacGregor EMC youth combined to create bam youth.

  • 2007

    Sara Enns began working with MacGregor YFC

  • 2008

    dallas & tara wiebe began training and are now serving as missionaries in mexico.

  • Sept 15, 2008

    Michael and Janice Fehr began as Pastor Couple. commissioning service was held Nov, 2. Ordination Service October 14, 2012

  • Jan. 2012

    Henry & Loretta Enns started as directors of Valley View.

  • Jan. 1, 2013

    Rebekah Bergen began working at Valley View.  Michael & Rebekah began a pastor-trainee mentorship.

    Jan. 1, 2014

    Michael Bergen started at Valley View.

    Oct. 2014 – April 2018

    Richard & Jessica Giesbrecht moved to the area and worked at Portage YFC.  They have attended at Bagot, currently waiting to serve with Village Missions.

    Summer 2015

    An elevator and entrance were added to the building.

    Sept. 1, 2015

    Tyson Murray began working at Portage YFC.

    Nov. 2015

    Dan & Danielle Ingram became directors of Circle Square Ranch.  They moved to Manitoba from the East coast in March 2016 and starting attending at Bagot.

    May 29, 2016

    Gordon & Christine Murray were called to pastoral ministry.  Commissioning service was Oct.23.  Gord started working full-time in March 2018.

    Summer 2016

    A group began meeting in the North End of Portage at the YFC Door under the leadership of Art Schroeder.  This coffee house has been reaching into the community with the love of Christ.

    Sept. 2016

    Bagot began a new youth ministry under the leadership of Ty & Melissa Wieler

    Spring 2018

    Jared & Kristin Kehler started working at Valley View and began attending at Bagot.

    May 1, 2019

    Shaina Bergen started working at Circle Square Ranch


Fun Facts

On Date of organization in 1969 there were 26 members.

  • Some Stats from October 16, 1994 bulletin (25th Anniversary Program)
    - Membership on this date- 81
    - People Baptized into membership organization to this date- 68
    - Weddings involving members of the church- 37
    - Funerals involving members of the church- 2
    - Missionary couples sent out from the church -2
    - Number of members still attending from original congregation- 13

  • Some Stats from September 8, 2019 bulletin (50th Anniversary Program)

    - total number of baptisms to date: 146

    - Memberships given to date - 262